House extensions – things to remember when dealing with building firms

Garage extension on a property. Photograph by Roger Templeman
Garage extension on a property. Photograph by Roger Templeman

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7 Responses

  1. Avatar Charles Kemp says:

    Asking for the portfolio is a very smart idea because then you can make sure that the person that you want to get actually has experience. I like that everything they do goes in their portfolio because then you can see every project that they have done as well. That can even help to see what kinds of ideas the contractor does on your home extensions.

  2. Avatar David says:

    Absolutely covered the key points here – vetting the company is hugely important, as well as getting a perfect idea of the area and how everything will pan out during the building process.

  3. Thanks for the information regarding home extensions. My wife and I are thinking about doing some remodeling and adding on to our home a little bit since we do not want to move. With that being said, we will make sure that the builders working on our home have a great track history. Thanks again!

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